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Addiction Counseling in Appleton, WI

Addiction Counseling in Appleton, WIIf you are looking for addiction counseling in Appleton, WI, Sherman Counseling is here to assist you. Our addiction therapists specialize in a range of services, including teen addiction treatment, alcohol addiction counseling, drug addiction counseling, prescription addiction treatment, gambling addiction therapy, and much more. When you contact our office at 920-230-2065, we will match you with the best counselor for your specific needs. All of our services are completely confidential, and you will never be judged for your circumstances.

Give us a call at 920-230-2065 to learn more about addiction counseling or to schedule an appointment with a therapist near you.

Evidence-Based Addiction Counseling Personalized to Suit Your Needs

At Sherman Counseling, we use tested and proven treatment strategies tailored to suit each person. You will receive top quality care from the first appointment to the last, along with long-term support through addiction recovery. Your therapist will help you better understand the addiction – what causes it, what triggers it, and how you can cope with it on a daily basis. You will receive professional advice fit for your unique circumstances.

  • Experienced Counselors with Strong Referral Relationships
  • A Highly-Rated Counseling Center in Appleton, WI
  • No Time-Consuming Pre-Authorization – See a Counselor Right away
  • Personalized Addiction Counseling Using Proven Techniques
  • Recovery Solutions That Tackle Addiction at the Root
  • Specialized Addiction Counseling for Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, Sex Addiction, Hoarding Addiction, Spending Addiction, and More
  • A Comfortable and Confidential Environment
  • Insurance-Friendly Counseling Services – We Verify Insurance ahead of Time to Provide Transparent Pricing

No matter how long you have lived with addiction, you can benefit from addiction counseling in Appleton, WI. We also offer couples counseling and family counseling to help you rebuild relationships in your life. For more information or you schedule a confidential appointment, contact Sherman Counseling at 920-230-2065.

Same Week Appointments Are Often Available

Sherman Counseling was founded on the idea of providing accessible, high-quality mental healthcare. We do not require a lengthy preauthorization process that delays treatment. Instead, we offer flexible appointment available, as early as the same week or next day. You can begin addiction counseling right away to jumpstart your recovery, all with the compassionate support of our experienced addiction therapists.

For More Information about Addiction Counseling in Appleton, WI, Call Sherman Counseling at 920-230-2065