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What Is Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? TF-CBT Appleton, WI

Trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT) is a form of trauma counseling that can alleviate symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. This method is typically used with children and teens, but it can benefit adult survivors of childhood trauma. TF-CBT combines several evidence-based therapeutic practices to help patients overcome anxiety, depression, guilt, anger, low self-esteem, and other

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The Healthy Sleep Routine for Depression Treatment

Sleep plays an important role in depression treatment. Sleep comes naturally as you work through depression symptoms, but getting more rest at night can drastically speed up your recovery. In this guide, we will explore the components of health sleep routines, along with tips to help you sleep better at night. How Sleep Helps Your

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Physical Signs That You’re Overstressed | Stress Management Appleton WI

“I’m not stressed. I’m fine. I got this.” How many times have you said this to yourself? You may have gone through this exact pep talk right before a mental breakdown. Everyone experiences extreme stress at some point in their lives. Learning to manage that stress takes practice, persistence, and a strong concern for your

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Reverse Negative Thought Patterns through Depression Treatment

The concept of “mind over matter” may seem like a cliché solution, but when it comes to depression treatment, it is highly effective. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most widely used depression treatment methods in America, and it is proven to reduce depression symptoms. Through CBT, you can learn how to reverse

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Co-Parenting after Divorce | Co-Parenting Counseling Green Bay, WI

Life after divorce is particularly challenging for parents. While you’re trying to move forward, your former spouse still plays a key role in your life. This is where co-parenting comes in. Together, you and your ex work to create a cohesive parenting plan for your child to abide by. Sherman Counseling in Green Bay, WI

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