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Alcohol, found in beer, wine, and spirits, is an intoxicating ingredient that can lead to abuse and addiction for some users. The effects of alcohol impact every organ and system of the body and can lead to serious health problems if used over a period of time. Alcohol use disorder can have severe or fatal physical consequences, contribute to significant emotional reactivity, and negatively impact one’s relationships with others.

Recognizing Alcohol Abuse


  • Using alcohol to make you feel better or to relax
  • Inability to control the amount of alcohol you consume
  • Neglecting responsibilities because of alcohol use
  • Drinking in dangerous situations, such as when you will be driving
  • Hiding your alcohol consumption from others
  • Requiring more alcohol to get the same effects (tolerance)
  • Spending more time thinking about, using, or recovery from alcohol
  • Continuing to drink even if it is causing personal, professional, or legal problems
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms if you try to stop drinking
  • Inability to quit drinking, even if you want to

Cage Questionnaire

Alcohol screening identifies individuals who have begun to develop or who are at-risk for developing alcohol dependency. The CAGE Questionnaire below is a brief screening that takes approximately one minute to complete. If after answering each of the questions below you have concerns about potential alcohol dependency, please Sherman Counseling to make an appointment with an addictions or mental health professional.

Alcohol CAGE Questionnaire – Click Here

Alcohol Abuse Treatment

If you are struggling with alcohol use disorder, it is unlikely you will be able to overcome the problem on your own. The professional staff at Sherman Counseling understands the challenges facing those addicted to alcohol or other substances and will help you find the tools necessary to stop drinking and embrace long-term sobriety. To learn more about our treatment programs for alcohol abuse and dependence, Sherman Counseling at 920-733-2065.