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Family Therapy

We believe that every person is a product of their early environment. As such, families play vital roles in the developments of individuals. Each person in a family can impact the other’s development emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Family therapy works to bring everyone in the unique social system of a family together to work as a unit.

Patterns of communication within a family are determined by factors such as beliefs, values, and personalities. The personal history of each parent’s family of origin plays a major role in developing these patterns. These patterns of communication are learned and can be changed and improved.

We believe that each family system has its own structure, and that family therapy can find unique and effective ways to teach families to work together. This is especially important if a member of the family unit requires special support, or is currently undergoing individualized treatment.

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Family therapy

Our Family Therapy Specialists


Traci Brown, MS, NCC, LPC

Traci received her Master’s Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater specializing in marriage and family therapy. She has experience working …
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Candace Debban-Anderson, MS, LCSW

Candace has a Masters Degree from the University of Chicago. She has over twenty years experience in counseling individuals and …

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Katy Jones, MS, LPC

Katy received her Masters Degree in Educational Psychology, with an emphasis in community counseling from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee …

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Douglas Fleischfresser, MS, LPC-IT, MFT-IT, SAC-IT

Doug received his Master’s Degree from UW-Whitewater, focusing on Trauma and Marriage & Family Counseling…

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