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5 Signs of an Effective Addiction Treatment Program


There are many addiction treatment programs available, but they are not all created equal. If you want to take control of your addiction and stay in control of it, you need a program that works. In this guide, we will explore signs to look for in an effective addiction treatment program.

Personalized Advice That Fits Your Lifestyle

The coping strategies that work for someone else may not work for you. For instance, some people are able to control addiction symptoms by taking on personal projects, such as mechanical work or home improvement projects. However, you may benefit from meditation or attending group therapy sessions. An effective addiction treatment program will involve personalized advice that is tailored to your needs.

Tested and Proven Addiction Treatment Methods

Here at Sherman Counseling, we utilize proven strategies in our addiction treatment programs. Our therapists provide advice based on evidence and experience. If you are in an addiction therapy program with generic, ill-fitting advice, chances are you’re not seeing a positive change from it. You deserve solutions with proven results.

Addiction Counseling That Focuses on the Underlying Issues

Addiction is often triggered or accompanied by other factors, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, or stress. Identifying these underlying issues in your life will help you take control of the addiction at the source. With our addiction therapy programs, we help each client find the root cause of their addiction, and then we provide personalized advice to resolve that issue.

Licensed and Experienced Therapists

Working with a licensed therapist is important for addiction recovery. These professionals have gone through years of specialized training, so you can trust the advice they provide. At Sherman Counseling, we match each client with the best therapist for his or her needs.

Non-Judgmental Support through Every Step of Recovery

Seeking addiction treatment is something to be celebrated. You are taking steps to improve your quality of life, and you should be proud of that. Sherman Counseling is a judgement-free space for addiction recovery. We will not judge you for your circumstances, your addiction symptoms, or any other circumstances regarding your situation. You can speak out with confidence knowing your privacy is protected and your life will not be judged.

Sherman Counseling offers addiction counseling in Appleton WI, Oshkosh WI and Green Bay WI. To get matched with an addiction therapist near you, call 920-733-2065.

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