Mike Wendt


Mike Wendt is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Training. He received his graduate degree in Counseling from Lakeland College. Mike specializes in the use of Biofeedback and EEG Biofeedback, commonly known as Neurofeedback, as a focal point of his practice.

Mike studied under Dr. Edward Jedlicka, formerly of Sherman Consulting, in the use of Neurofeedback therapy to effectively treat ADD/ADHD, learning disorders, Aspergers, mood disorders, anxiety and depression. In addition, Neurofeedback can be used to support the treatment of substance abuse disorders. Mike enjoys working with youth to assist them in overcoming issues involving attention, concentration and impulse control, and provides counseling to parents of children facing these challenges. Neurofeedback can be used alone, or may be paired with other traditional forms of therapy.

Mike believes in approaching treatment from both a physiological and emotional standpoint to optimize effectiveness.]

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