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5 Tips for Traveling with Anxiety


A vacation is meant to be relaxing. It may not feel that way with anxiety. We want you to enjoy this time off as much as possible. Check out these tips for traveling with anxiety, courtesy of Sherman Counseling.

Pack Well in Advance

“What if I forget something?” This is one of the most common worries people have about traveling. This form of anxiety happens before the trip has even started, and it may cause you to reconsider your plans.

Instead of second-guessing yourself, pack well in advance. Get everything in your suitcase that you don’t need right now, and leave room for those last-minute add-ins. On the morning of your travels, you should only have some toiletries, a phone charger, some medications, and other essentials to add to your suitcase.

As an extra precaution, make a list of what you need to pack. Check, double check, and tripe check each item on the list to make sure it’s in the bag. Then you can leave knowing that you are well prepared for your stay.

Arrive Early for Important Travel Plans

This tip mostly applies to flights and other time-sensitive transportation options. If the idea of missing your flight causes you great stress, prepare to be there well in advance. Most airlines recommend showing up at least two hours before your departure time. You may plan to arrive three or four hours early. Also take this into account when planning how you’re going to get to the airport. If the drive time is 30 minutes, allot an hour for it. This gives you plenty of room for error if something happens.

Consider Less Crowded Travel Options

The chaotic nature of airports can trigger anxiety. If you’re worried about that, look into alternative travel accommodations. You could turn your vacation into a road trip, allowing more days for being on the road. You could opt for a train or bus, depending on how far you’re going. If you want to fly without the crowds, look into late night and early morning flights. These tend to be less desirable, and the tickets tend to cost less.

Travel with a Partner

If possible, have someone with you while traveling. This is an extra person who can plan and prepare with you. If you experience anxiety talking to strangers, your travel buddy can handle most of the talking for you. This is also someone you can turn to for distraction during stressful situations. Invite a member of your support system with you on your trip to keep stress to a minimum.

Use Your Coping Strategies

If you’ve found effective coping strategies for your anxiety, use them. For instance, you may want to draw or listen to music when you feel anxious. Bring headphones or a notebook with you so you can do that in times of need. Talk to your therapist about other travel-friendly coping strategies for anxiety. Your therapist can provide personalized advice catered to you.

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