Adjustment Issues and Life Transitions

Adjustment Issues and Life Transitions

Change is a basic reality of our lives. Transitions are a part of normal development. However, coping with adjustment issues and life transitions can be a challenge. Transitions such as the death of a loved one or a job loss can cause stress. Even positive changes, such as having a child going to college or receiving a promotion at work can become significant stressors. It can be difficult to handle your emotions when faced with a situation that is new and unfamiliar.

We believe that with help, worries due to a major life change can be managed. Those who find it difficult to handle adjustment issues and life transitions may find it beneficial to seek counseling, and we are here to help. We can assist you or your loved ones in coping with life transitions, and we can help you find ways to handle the adjustment issues you are facing.

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Our Adjustment Issues and Life Transitions Specialists


Rochelle Alpert, MS, LPC

Rochelle is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has over 25 years of experience in providing mental health treatment for adults …

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Michael Anderson, MS, LCSW, LPC

Mike Anderson has been doing individual, family, and couples therapy for over 30 years. He is an associate of the …

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Jennifer Grube, MS, LPC, NCC

Jennifer Grube is a compassionate, patient counselor who provides treatment in a confidential, comfortable, and safe environment for adults, older …

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Kristen J. Henke, Ph.D.

Kristen J. Henke, Ph.D. has been a practicing, licensed Psychologist in Wisconsin since 1993. Prior to joining Sherman Consulting, she …

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Sandra Mittelsteadt, MSE

Coming soon! Contact at the following: Sherman Consulting Professional …

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Marlene Regan, MS, LPC, NCC, SAS

Each of us has been challenged by significant life events or a major life transition. Deciding to seek professional help …

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